Lenticular RIP software that can also do spiral correction and fan-out correction


  1. Can LentiDotManager be used for normal printing?

    Though LentiDotManager is RIP for exclusive use of lenticular printing, it can handle normal images because the images are printed on the back side is assumed. However, it does not substitute for the workflow of the general printing because the format of input images is only CMYKTIFF.

  2. Why can LentiDotManager generate halftone dots that are higher than standard RIP?

    When halftone dots are generated by AM screening, gradation decreases and color banding becomes easy to occur in general. LentiDotManager achieve ultra-thin line by reducing color banding in the same time.

  3. When using LentiDotManager, can changing printing be clear as well?

    Though streaking pattern appeared in changing printing when images changed, LentiDotManager solves this problem by original processing. Only 2 images before and after the change can been seen in changing processed by LentiDotManager. LentiDotManager enables changing printing to be clearer because the tilt is corrected and the registering accuracy increases.

  4. How about productivity?

    LentiDotManager has database such as layout, the kind of the lens, setting of press and others. It is not necessary to do same works repeatedly because previous settings can be used for new works. Also, it is necessary to adjust image size and crop marks position when lens pitch is changed by temperature. LentiDotManager can adjust them by just simply inputting the number of pitch.

  5. There is software which lays out interlaced image as 8bit. What is the difference?

    When laying out images as 8bit, the resolution cannot be increased because images size becomes large. Since LentiDotManager lays out images as 1bit, larger size images can be processed. Also, more accurate layout can be done by laying out in high resolution according to the pitch.

  6. There is software which corrects fan-out for 1bittiff images. What is the difference?

    Level difference in the corrected part is generated when fan-out correction is made for 1bittiff image. In lenticular printing, streaking pattern appears by interference of the level difference and lens. LentiDotManager enable to make correction without interference because correction is made for 8bit image in CTP resolution.

  7. Are LentiDotManager and EasyLentiStudio adaptable for all lens types on the market?

    YES, they are adaptable for all lens types on the current market as of June 2018.