Lenticular RIP software that can also do spiral correction and fan-out correction

About developer

“LentiDotManager” and “EasyLentiStudio” were developed by Takuto Joko who is CEO of RittaiGiken,Inc. in Tokyo, Japan.

He was born and raised in Kyoto with the history of 1,200 years as the capital of Japan, and studied 3D image recognition in Hiroshima University. After graduation, he was engaged in the development of the 3D scanner in Minolta Co., Ltd., and he entered Graduate School of Osaka University in order to devote him to a study and majored in 3D of the virtual reality.

In previous experiences, he was very interested in lenticular 3D which expressive power was very high in and founded RittaiGiken,Inc.

Lenticular printing was known as the advertisement method that expressive power was very effective and high, but it was difficult for printing companies to begin it because complicated procedures were necessary for production.

Hence he repeated study and trial developments many times, and developed “Lenti Dot Manager” and “EasyLentiStudio” in order to make lenticular printing begin more easily by making full of experience and the knowledge that he studied in Hiroshima University, Minolta Co., Ltd. and Graduate School of Osaka University.

His strong passion of “To make impression on every viewer” lets him continue improvement and update after development of the software consistently.