Lenticular RIP software that can also do spiral correction and fan-out correction



3D Software for Lenticular Pringing

“EasyLentiStudio” is the lenticular image producing software to create data of 2D, 3D effect by lenticular lens and uses Photoshop generated images. It is also can easily produce realistic expressions with 3D and 2D changing involving a motion. Users can obtain desirable lenticular effect by highly simple operation and various particular expressions by lenticular.

Simple operation

This software is easy to use and only contains the functions necessary for 3D production. Depth maps created in Photoshop can be imported for creations lenticular images. (Compatibility: RGB: jpg / png / bmp /TIFF CMYK: TIFF)

Viewer function

Photoshop data can be confirmed while moving it in the Preview screen. The magnification function allows you to quickly confirm details. It is also possible to show/hide each layer.


    300% Magnification                                Image viewed from left    Image viewed from right

Production example: real 3D

3D effect (using a depth map) Pictures can be expressed three-dimensionally making it appear as though something is actually there. Lenticular printing allows you make prints that have impact.

1.Crop the Image Add

Prepare the image for which you want to have a 3D effect, and crop it into three sections; front, back, and background.

2.Add to the Image  

Use the copy Stamp Tool, etc., to perform additional application for missing portions from where the front was cropped.

3.Create a Depth Map

For the map, specify 0 – 100 for white to black. When made into a 3D image, the lighter portions will appear closer and darker portions will appear farther away.

4.Draw the Depth Map

Add roundness and unevenness to the depth map to make it more realistic.

5.Create a Lenticular Image

Use Easy Lenti Studio to read the Photoshop data and create a lenticular image.

Production example: 2D

2D effect (animation, changing etc.) It is possible to create an animation effect where the image appears to move by changing the view angle. You can make prints with fun effects where the design quickly changes.

1.Prepare Images for Animation

2. Create a Lenticular Image

Use EasyLentiStudio to read the Photoshop data and create a lenticular image.

Main specification

Possible Production Data: real3D, changing, animation, 3Dchange, photo3D etc.

Possible Output Printer: Inkjet Printer, UV Offset Printing, Flatbed Inkjet Printer etc.

Recommended System Requirements

  • CPU : 64 bit processor
  • Memory : more than 64bit 4GB
  • Harddisc : more than 100GB
  • Application Execution Environment: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1

EasyLentiStudio Catalog

Capacity: 490KB Updated date: 2016.08.31