Lenticular RIP software that can also do spiral correction and fan-out correction
Lenticular RIP Software

Lenticular RIP software specialized in easy to use lenticular printing


Raster Image Processor software

“LentiDotManager” is the Raster Image Processor software specialized in easy to use lenticular printing. The exclusive six features of “Lenti Dot Manager” enable you to enhance productivity and reduce printing defects. You can create and print superior quality lenticular projects with the minimum software needed.

The Exclusive 6 Features

1. Easy operation
2. Precision positioning of lenticular lens and 3D interlacing image
3. Maximum ultra-fine line output possible with the resolution of CTP
4. The spiral correction cancel function removes interference fringes
5. Reduces moire fringes that tends to occur with lenticular printing
6. Offers intuitive printing plate design

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3D Software for Lenticular Printing

“EasyLentiStudio” is the lenticular image producing software that possible to create data of 2D, 3D effect by lenticular lens and uses Photoshop generated images. It is also can easily produce realistic expressions with 3D and 2D changing involving a motion. Users can obtain desirable lenticular effect by highly simple operation and various particular expressions by lenticular.

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